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Transforming the approach to sustainability for ambitious governing bodies of sport


We have guided a number of governing bodies through the following steps to achieve incredible progress in sustainability.

Creation of sustainability strategy consolidating the risks and opportunities towards a long-term vision.

Guidance through UNFCCC framework submission resulting in the sport becoming a signatory to the United Nations Sport for Climate Action Framework.

Close engagement of the sport’s leadership and Board in research and reporting to ensure buy-in, coordination and alignment within leadership and with wider organisation and stakeholders.

Information gathering through interviews and audits to gather essential information to form a comprehensive understanding of the sport’s events, activities, and emissions.

Collaborative Carbon Footprint Analysis to thoroughly assess the environmental impact of the organisation’s operations and create a reference for a future goals and reductions.

“Since we started working with Sporting Giants, the sustainability efforts of the International Ice Hockey Federation have increased enormously. With their support, we were able to implement a carbon reduction plan and deliver all necessary documents to prolong our membership as a Race to Zero signatory. Sporting Giants are not only experts in sustainability, but know the world of sports. They understand the procedures of an international federation and are able to adapt their process to our individual needs. And furthermore, the communication with Dan and Scott is always open, respectful and uncomplicated – a partnership which the IIHF will benefit from in the future.”

Dr Beate Grupp, IIHF Council Member, Chairwoman of the IIHF Social and Environment Committee

Creation of tailored Carbon Action Plan to effectively reduce the sport’s carbon footprint, working closely with the internal team to craft a strategic roadmap and define specific initiatives that fully consider the unique characteristics of the sport’s community.

Global recognition for climate action through our successful collaboration and commitment to deliver sport with purpose.

Similar projects currently in progress with the Olympic Committees of Mozambique, Mauritius and Botswana.

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